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Oleo Pine Resins

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Light Brown Solid

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105 @ 200 kg Drum with Plastic Inner, 21 MT / 20'FCL

Brief Overview

Oleo Pine Resin is a natural mixture of oil, carboxylic acid, and oxygenated product of terpene derived from a Pine tree. These resins are in liquid gummy form in an early stage, but it hardens with time and treatment. The resin compounds are classified differently depending on its chemical composition and its application. Resins produced from pine are known as naval storage. Oleo Pine Resins are soluble in alcohol but not in water and their color vary from clear to dark brown. Resin tapping has various social and economic benefits. The quality of resin depends on several factors like species of pine trees, locality and environmental factor, tapping of trees, tree morphology, side of the stem (more resin secreted from the south than north of stem), soil, nature of the forest, etc.

Manufacturing Process

Oleo Pine Resins derive from pine trees (Pine Mercusii). Resins are obtained by the tapping of living pine trees. Collections of the resins is a labor intensive operation similar to rubber-tapping.

Food Industry

In food manufacturing, oleo pine resins are used as food glazing agents.

Gum Rosin Manufacturing

Oleo pine resins are used as raw material to get gum rosin which has a variety of applications in paint and varnish, adhesive, soap, paper, and as an intermediate for organic compounds and modified resins.

Paint Industry

Oleo pine resins are easily soluble in alcohols and other solvents and they have a high refractive index which makes them glossy. Therefore, oleo pine resins or their derivatives are the major components in the paint industry.

Therapeutic Uses

Oleo resins such as copaiba are used to treat stomach cancer and ulcer. It is used for therapeutic purposes and incense.

Turpentine Oil Manufacturing

It is used as a raw material to get turpentine oils which are used in perfume, camphor, cosmetics, and varnish industry.

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