Stearic Acid, formula – C18H36O2 is a drab, waxy, or white strong that oozes a gentle scent. It is a solvent in oil yet just marginally breaks up in the water, consequently, it skims. Because of the Stearic Acid 18-carbon chain, it is additionally alluded to as Octadecanoic Acid. This important soaked unsaturated fat is the primary constituent of both Cocoa and Shea spread. The name “stear” is a Greek word signifying “fat,” as it was often gotten from the common creature side-effects and fats that were acquired during the handling of meats; nonetheless, Stearic Acid may likewise be gotten from the greasy pieces of plant sources, which makes it ideal for use in normal definitions. NDA’s Stearic Acid is acquired from Palm Oil, its characteristic source making it a more secure substitute for synthetic compounds that might be found in restorative items.

How Does Stearic Acid Work?

Stearic acid might be utilized to shape the base of different fixings that are planned to be consolidated into details such as ointments, emollients, and emulsifiers. Stearic acid is a suitable stabilizer, softener, and thickener that contributes to a cooling sensation on the skin. It is additionally known to contribute a magnificent completion to oils.

Advantages of Stearic Acid

Stearic acid assists with solidifying items, for example, candles and cleanser bars, helping the last to make a rich foam that feels smooth. With occlusive properties, it enables the skin to stay hydrated by forestalling or easing back dampness misfortune from the skin’s surface.

Applications of Stearic Acid

Body Washes Bar Soaps, Laundry Detergents, Facial Cleansers, and Shampoos.

When added to cleanser plans, stearic acid subsidiaries work as thickeners that help to solidify the recipes into solids, and that helps to dispense with the meager and runny sentiment of watered-down cleansers. Their surfactant activity lessens the surface strain of oils, which makes it simpler for oil and water atoms to blend well. Along these lines, stearic acid attempts to guarantee that emulsions don’t separate into detached layers of water and oil. This helps improve an item’s viability as well as its time of usability. This additionally implies that the last items with Stearic acid shouldn’t be shaken as vivaciously before they are utilized. This purging property makes it valuable for expansion to definitions for cleanser bars, face and body washes, shampoos, and even clothing cleansers.

Stearic acid leaves the last item upgraded with molding characteristics, and its additive property permits it to last longer. When added to cleanser definitions, Stearic acid capacities as a defensive conditioner that assists with leaving the hair feeling soft, light, and glistening. Suggested usage for cleansers: .5%

Moisturizers and Face Creams

When added to cream plans, stearic acid capacities as a thickening operator that contributes an extravagance to the surface of the last item. Suggested Usage for Lotions and Creams: 2-6%.


Stearic acid capacities as a hardener When added to plans for paraffin candles. The harder the wax, the more it will take the fire to dissolve it, in this manner bringing about a more extended enduring flame. Since Stearic Acid makes wax contract as it chills off, it additionally empowers the simple arrival of the last item from a form. Moreover, its opacifying properties help to support the shades of included colors. Being a scent fixing, Stearic Acid’s fat cells append to the fragrance of an additional smell and keep it from leaking out of the flame, which permits the aroma to last more. Suggested Usage for Candles: 4-6%.

Contraindications for Stearic Acid

The stearic acid raw material is only for external use. It is essential to advise a clinical professional before using this oil for remedial purposes. Nursing and pregnant women, similarly to those with fragile skin, are especially provoked not to use stearic acid raw material without the clinical direction of a specialist. This thing should reliably be taken care of in a zone that is far from kids, especially those younger than 8.

Expected indications of stearic acid consolidate annoying, for instance, stinging, expending, shivering, redness, bothering, hives, rashes, irritates, sun affectability, and layered skin. In the event of an ominously vulnerable reaction, stop the use of the thing and see an expert, drug master, or allergist quickly for a prosperity assessment and appropriate remedial action. To thwart responses, talk with a clinical professional before use.